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TV Review- Goedam (2020)- Good Things in Small Packages

If you’re a fan of Korean horror in the vein of the Whispering Corridors film series with a Netflix subscription and an hour or two to kill, then Goedam might be right up your street.

Released just last year, the horror anthology consists of a single season of unrelated self-contained episodes whose average runtime clocks from five to ten minutes. Though they may be short, they are not at all sweet. They all concern encounters with the supernatural, based on urban legends, with plots detailing from a taxi driver who picks up an eerie late-night passenger to a livestream gone horribly wrong and a schoolgirl whose ordinary ascent up the stairs finds herself trapped in the spirit realm.

Due to the limited runtime of the episodes, some characters and plots may be underdeveloped, but the show compensates for this with some creepy imagery. Special mention goes to episodes ‘Crack’, ‘Curiosity’, ‘Dimension’, ‘Threshold’ and the season finale, ‘Birth’.

I definitely recommend you give this series a look. As brief as they are, you’re unlikely to forget them for a very long time.



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