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Movie Review- Uncle Peckerhead (2020)- Ghoul to be Kind

‘Friends don’t let friends drive drunk’, as the old slogan goes- neither should they let them consume human flesh.

Aspiring singer Judy (Chet Segel)’s dreams of punk- rock stardom come one step closer to being released when she quits her dead-end bakery job to go on tour with her band DUH, which includes Scott (David Bluvband) and Doris (Ruth Lolla). While on the road, they meet genial hillbilly Peckerhead (David Littleton), who they end up taking along as their roadie. While the other two quickly warm to him, Judy is distrustful of this mysterious stranger. But her suspicions are justified, as Peckerhead’s dark secret is soon revealed- every night he transforms into a hideous monster with a ravenous appetite for humans. While the main characters try to deal with this revelation, their relationship is further fraught with events that cast Peckerhead’s character into doubt.

Uncle Peckerhead is anarchic, bloody fun, perfectly set to a jolting punk soundtrack. It’s both as horrifying and hilarious as its titular character, from scenes of him being hosed off after his most recent kill by Doris and Scott, who are remarkably unbothered by his cannibalistic tendencies, a stark contrast to Judy’s more realistic horror. The gruesome carnage is justifiable in some cases, such as a hilariously pretentious singer of a rival band. However, this horror-comedy takes a sudden detour into horror with a genuinely unnerving ending.

Rating: 8/10.


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